Buxom Collection

Flaunt your formula in Buxom. This airless collection makes a bold statement with its prestigious, double-walled design. Buxom’s wide, rounded profile offers ample brand billboard space, while the thick-walled acrylic provides multi-dimensional appeal that can be customized through a variety of decoration techniques –  including silkscreen, hot stamp, vacuum metallization and custom color injection or spray. 

Buxom’s airless dispensing system protects and preserves brand formulas from outside light, air and moisture, ensuring ingredients stay potent and effective until the last drop. Adding to its functional usability, Buxom does not require an overcap for added travel-friendly convenience.

This collection is similar in style to Fusion’s fashionable Couture collection, and is available in 30 ml and 50 ml capacities. Buxom. Beauty built to perform. 

Product Name:Buxom

Product Type:Airless Bottle

Available sizes: 30 / 50 ml

Product #:W51373

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