Couture Collection

Who says something has to hang on a rack to be considered haute couture?  This unique collection has a made-to-order feel, perfect for the discerning consumer who values innovative design and practical, functional usability. Couture has an aluminum actuator that provides a cool to the touch feel. This airless dispensing package has the ability of double anodizing a brand's logo or any other type of graphic on the bottle directly without any special tooling. The package has a full range of decorating capabilities with nearly 360 degree print.

Product Name:Couture

Product Type:Airless Bottle

Available sizes: 15 / 30 / 40 ml

Product #:W36673

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Product Name:couture

Product Type:Jar

Available sizes: 15 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 100 ml

Product #:W39145

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