Evolve Collection

This new range of cost-conscious, airless bottles features a sleek, double-walled design that provides a modern look on any retail shelf. Evolve’s wide mouth structure allows for swirl fill capabilities, offering brands a unique way to present their formula. Available in 15 ml and 30 ml, Evolve’s test-tube shaped inner bottle enhances the look of the formula while protecting it. Fusion’s proven airless pump technology delivers quicker strokes to prime and near 100% product evacuation in an air-tight chamber to preserve and protect formulas from outside contaminants. Unique to the package is Evolve’s foot structure, purposefully designed without being thick walled to prevent the package from being weighed down.

Its double wall design also provides brands with endless decoration possibilities—including custom mirror, gradient or frost sprays, translucent or opaque color injections, UV metallization, silkscreen or hot stamp designs. The package comes in a variety of pump and actuator options including all Aluminum (A), all Plastic (P) and or a Combination of both (C). The aluminum actuator and collar can be custom anodized in a variety of vibrant colors.

Product Name:Evolve

Product Type:Airless Bottle

Available sizes: 15 / 30 ml

Product #:W51577

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