Fuse Collection

Put your formula on display with Fuse, an airless bottle collection with elegant aluminum accents to help elevate your brand’s aesthetic. Get the look of glass in a more durable, shatterproof PCTG bottle that is ideal for showcasing foundations, alphabet creams, and uniquely colored formulas while on display. Fuse also appeals to skincare formulas that may benefit from Fusion’s proven airless pump technology, offering near 100% product evacuation, metered dosing, and quicker strokes to prime.

The Fuse collection’s wider profile airless bottle offers brands the option of a “swirl” effect fill, a unique helix-style formula presentation to further distinguish your product. This fill style is only available with the 30 ml (32 mm) Fuse bottle, which can accommodate both swirl and non-swirl formulas. The 26 mm Slim Fuse features a slimmer profile with the same prestigious metallized base, shoulder and actuator for an elegant look and feel. Both diameter styles can be customized using opaque or translucent color injection, frosted spray, silkscreen, hot stamp, or heat-transfer label decoration to give the package a truly one-of-a-kind branded look.  

Similar in style to Fusion’s airless Ice collection, Fuse is available in 15 ml, 20 ml or 30 ml capacities, and two diameter styles – Slim 26 mm or standard 32 mm, the latter of which can accommodate both swirl and non-swirl products.


Product Name:Fuse

Product Type:Airless Bottle

Available sizes: 15 / 20 / 30 ml

Product #:W51242

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