Oval Tip Airless Collection

With the Direct Effect Airless Applicators, your customers can literally feel the difference of next-level application with an airless advantage. This line of bottle-based, piston-driven direct applicators features four distinct styles: Curved Tip, Single Rollerball, Dual Rollerball, and smooth or stimulating Oval Tip, each available in 5, 8,10 and 15 ml capacities. Part of the Direct Effect collection, Airless Direct Applicators are designed to gently and effectively work with the most delicate areas of the face to aid in formula application and absorption. 

The ergonomic Oval Tip Airless features a precision drop-shaped design to effectively target every angle and contour of the face, and is available with either a velvety smooth or stimulating TPE surface depending on the formula’s needs. The Direct Effect Airless Collection features a thoughtfully designed actuator for convenient, single-hand application.