Scene Collection

For the savviest complexion category consumers, comes a package designed and engineered specifically for foundation.  Uniquely comprised of two resins, the package features a polypropylene barrel and PETG base.  The shatterproof, clear and glass-like base allows for true color indication, enabling the formula to be seen while on display or at point of sale. 

Based off of the Tru Collection, aesthetically the bottle has a sleek and slender design with universal appeal.  The patent-pending Scene package provides a large canvas for decoration, artwork and branding. This unique single-wall atmospheric bottle makes it lightweight, while hiding formula separation that often occurs over time in foundations. 

Available in three pump options (aluminum, plastic and a combination of aluminum and plastic), consumers will love the endless opportunities for this package. Scene has 30 ml capacity with a pump output of 0.23 ml. This product is very compatible with most formulas and a more sustainable option than other foundation packages on the market. The overcap material options are standard polypropylene or PETG with an aluminum overshell option for the actuator. Maximize the large space for branding through a variety of decorating techniques including silk screening, hot stamping, UV metallizing and custom color or spray.  Scene is ideal for alphabet creams, primers, foundations or formulas with a unique color.

Product Name:Scene

Product Type:Atmospheric Bottle

Available sizes: 30 ml

Product #:W51310

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