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01/02/09 01.02.09:

Fusion launches new Kurve line

Fusion Packaging has announced the launch of an innovative, unique approach to skincare packaging: Kurve. “You've seen round airless bottles and you've seen square airless bottles, but you've never seen an airless bottle with curves as intriguing as these. We are excited to present something completely original to the skincare market," says Derek Harvey, co-CEO of Fusion. “I am constantly asked by skincare companies why all airless bottles and acrylic jars are either round OR square. Kurve is the answer they've been searching for."

The Kurve line includes an airless bottle in 15 ml and 30 ml and an acrylic jar in 30 ml and 50 ml available now. Additional sizes already in the works are a 50 ml airless bottle and 15 ml acrylic jar. There will be 6 stock items in the complete Kurve line.

In addition, the company points out that the product is fully customizable and can be combined with a range of decorative options such as custom colors, silk-screening, hot stamping, UV metalizing and offset printing.

Airless designs are becoming increasingly popular within the skincare sector, particularly with the high end manufacturers. As they keep air and other contaminants out of the dispensing system, they help prevent oxidation and extend the life of the product - essential criteria for producers of cosmeceutical products and fragile formulations. The ability of airless packaging to dispense 100 percent of the product is also an important added value to consumers.

In an increasingly crowded market place packaging is one way manufacturers can entice consumers to make that ever important purchase. Through packaging, Fusion strives to provide the competitive edge needed to gain the customer's attention.

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