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02/25/11 02.25.11:

Fusion Packaging wins at the Oscars

StemSational  Skin Regeneration Serum, packaged in Fusion Packaging’s 30ml Kurve airless bottle collection, was the brand of choice for the luxury anti-aging treatment product gifted at the 2011 Academy of Arts & Sciences, OSCAR Awards presentation. Oscar ‘Swag Bags’, the events official party favor gift bags were presented to each of the nominees, presenters and winners of this years prestigious event.

Fusion’s Kurve collection provides a sleek, curved design that is unique in our industry”, says Lesley Gadomski, Vice President of Sales Fusion Packaging. “We are thrilled to have partnered with the Gioello, LLC team to create and design a package that was so attractive, it was adequate enough for Hollywood’s elite”, she added.

Each year a selection committee has the honor to select high-end, prestigious items to fill ‘party-favor bags’ for the celebrities providing chosen brands with inconceivable exposure for their products. “The finest creative talent in the motion picture business demand products of the highest quality. We are thrilled to have been chosen from among this galaxy of luxury products”, says says Laura Warren, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Gioello. "When choosing packaging for a revolutionary skin regeneration serum like StemSational, we faced a conundrum: we needed a container that approximated the scientific advance inherent in the product. When we saw the Fusion line we immediately knew the fit was perfect on every level”, she added.


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