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03/05/11 03.05.11:

Fusion Packaging wins prestigious AmeriStar Award

Fusion Packaging has been selected and awarded with the 2011 Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) AmeriStar Award. With more than one hundred packages submitted for consideration, Fusion’s Airless Square Twist Up bottle, “STU”, was chosen as a winner in the Health & Beauty category in North America’s most prestigious packaging awards competition.

The panel of judges, all industry professionals, reviewed, analyzed and judged packages from over 17 categories at IoPP Headquarters in February basing their overall decisions on Package Innovation, Product Protection, Economics, Package Performance, Structural Design, Product Image, Shelf Impact, Marketing Appeal and Environmental Influence.

The Square Twist Up airless bottle was designed and engineered to include a new and innovative square design with a twist to actuate mechanism and pop up actuator to dispense product while providing a unique look and feel. The sleek, modern design eliminates the need for an over cap and prevents spills and leaks in its closed and locked position.

“We are ecstatic about being acknowledged and recognized as a winner in this very prestigious award,” said Derek Harvey, Co-CEO Fusion Packaging. “Our entire company and team of experts who created this Patent Pending design is sincerely humbled to be recognized for their allegiance in for what is now, this award winning design,” he added.

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