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Fusion Packaging Debuts New Showroom in New York City

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – June 2014 – Fusion Packaging, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, announced the opening of its highly anticipated showroom in New York City’s garment district. This strategic expansion will serve as the company’s East Coast headquarters, located at 256 West 36th Street.

Over the past 10 years, Fusion has developed successful and long-lasting relationships with some of the leading beauty brands across the globe, many of which are based in New York City. “Building our presence in New York was the natural next step for Fusion,” said Derek Harvey, Co-CEO, “This showroom will allow us to be more accessible to clients, and better facilitate discussions about our product innovations, design capabilities, and speed of development with the city’s vibrant beauty community.” 

The showroom will provide a collaborative environment for Fusion’s sales and design teams to guide conversations on consumer needs and innovate new product development. 


Fusion Packaging is a global leader in the engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution of luxury packaging for the beauty industry. We operate facilities around the world to provide beautiful, innovative and functional packages. Airless expertise, design innovation and faultless engineering are the core of our business, and our quality and quick project turnaround consistently makes us the preferred choice for leading cosmetics companies across the globe. 

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