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07/10/09 07.10.09:

Basic Research taps Fusion for StriVectin brand

 Fusion Packaging was chosen to supply the acrylic jar for Basic Research’s latest addition to the StriVectin brand. The new product, Instant Facial Sculpting Cream, joins the top selling Strivectin-SD and Neck Cream. Strivectin’s Instant Facial Sculpting Cream is available in a 50 ml acrylic jar as open stock.

This is not the first time Basic Research has partnered with Fusion Packaging, as the company has been a long time supplier of the StriVectin Neck Cream acrylic jars in 40 ml. In addition to launching the new facial cream, Strivectin has collaborated with Fusion Packaging to offer new 7 ml, 15 ml and 30 ml sizes in both the neck and facial cream. The additional sizes will allow Basic Research to take advantage of multiple distribution opportunities previously untapped.

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