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10/01/11 10.01.11:

Fusion develops 50ml airless package for Mary Kay

Fusion Packaging has designed and developed a distinctive package for one of the world's most recognized beauty brands, Mary Kay. Fusion Packaging worked intently with Mary Kay to create a 50ml airless bottle for two SKU’s launching within their flagship product line, Timewise. The result was a simple, yet modern polypropylene bottle and flush fit polypropylene actuator. The unique actuator does not require an overcap, allowing the consumer to open and close with a simple twist of the collar.

“This project was a great collaboration between two companies who understand their business”, says Lesley Gadomski, Vice President of Sales Fusion Packaging. “Mary Kay knew exactly what form and function they desired for this package and found the perfect match in our concept catalog.” she added. Fusion Packaging offers its customers a concept catalog that is filled with creative and innovative airless designs that have been fully engineered. This significantly reduces the development time for customers who require a custom look.

“Fusion Packaging was a great fit for Mary Kay as they offer a high-quality package at a competitive price. This marks the first time we have used an airless package with a lockable pump, eliminating the need for an overcap and therefore, reducing waste”, says Joe Colangelo, Senior Buyer Purchasing, Mary Kay. “We look forward to future development projects with them”, he added.

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