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DALLAS, TEXAS - November 2014 - Fusion Packaging teamed up with dōTERRA International, a leading provider of high-quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) essential oils and personal care products, to package two Essential Skin Care items for the brand’s Veráge line. Fusion’s 60 ml Tru Airless Tube and 50 ml Tru Bottle were tapped for the Veráge anti-aging Cleanser and Toner, respectively.  

The Veráge Cleanser’s nature-based formula is protected with the Tru Airless Tube’s non-pressurized airless dispensing system. This airless tube provides the same great benefits as Fusion’s airless bottles, including higher product evacuation rates, quicker strokes to prime, and a metal-free product path ideal for natural and organic ingredients. Tru Airless Tube is available in both 25 mm and 30 mm diameters, and in sizes ranging from 15 ml to 70 ml. For the Veráge Cleanser, the injected white five-layer EVOH tube features a delicate, silkscreen layer with the line’s signature leaf design, paired with a striking gold aluminum overshall collar and actuator.  

The brand selected Fusion’s 50 ml Tru atmospheric sprayer bottle to package its essential oil enhanced Toner, the second step in the Veráge Skin Care regimen. DōTERRA opted for a custom translucent green color injection followed by a matte spray to give the bottle a unique frosted effect. This is complemented with a clear silkscreen layer with the leaf design, and matching gold aluminum overshell collar and actuator and natural overcap.  The 50 ml Tru toner bottle offers a 0.12 ml output level, and can be customized with an extensive range of techniques - including custom color injection, heat transfer label (HTL), hot stamp, silkscreen and UV metallized decoration.  

According to dōTERRA, introducing this new essential skin care line is another step in “sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world,” the mission upon which the company is based. The Veráge skincare line is sold exclusively through the multi-level marketing company’s independent Wellness Advocates via person-to-person contact, and globally through personalized websites. 

For additional information on the Tru and Tru Airless Tube collections, or for high-resolution photography of the Veráge packaging collaboration, contact Katy Hartwick at  

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