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Enummi Skin Care Unveils New Look with Fusion Packaging's Eclipse

DALLAS, TEXAS – June 2014 – 4Life Research, a Salt Lake City-based direct marketing company, in collaboration with Northwest Cosmetics Labs, selected Fusion Packaging’s versatile Eclipse collection for two products in the Enummi® Advanced skin care line. The brand opted for the 30 ml and 50 ml airless Eclipse bottles for the Renewing Serum and Amplify Hydrating Cream, respectively.  

The two packages feature a transparent actuator, which lends a clean, modern aesthetic to the polypropylene bottles, and puts the pump technology on display. Fusion showcased the brand’s teardrop design using a matte silkscreen background layer behind rich purple text, which gives the packages a high-end look. “Functionality is everything,” said Kelly Bellerose, Director of Product Brand Management for 4Life. “The package performed well and brought great value to the organization.” 

Eclipse, one of Fusion’s largest and most diverse collections, features a wide range of capacities in four different diameters – from the 5 ml Mini to the 100 ml Jumbo – as well as pump output levels from 0.08 ml to 1.00 ml. This airless collection features an ergonomic, brand-building design that is highly customizable. 

According to the brand, “Enummi Advanced is a precision-strength complexion recovery system that works to improve surface smoothness, firmness, and brightness.” The collection features the “Renewing Serum with a 10% glycolic acid concentrate that goes to work to renew the surface of the skin,” said Bellerose, “and a lavish Amplify Hydrating Cream that brings nutrients and long-term matrix support to the skin.” 

The Renewing Serum and Amplify Hydrating Cream are currently available for purchase at and through 4Life direct selling representatives. To find out more about Fusion Packaging and the Eclipse collection, visit


Fusion Packaging is a global leader in the engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution of luxury packaging for the beauty industry. We operate facilities around the world to provide beautiful, innovative and functional packages. Airless expertise, design innovation and faultless engineering are the core of our business, and our quality and quick project turnaround consistently makes us the preferred choice for leading cosmetics companies across the globe.


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