W51797 Compact

Mixmaster Palette

Set your makeup palettes apart with our premium quality paper insert palette, designed for extensive decoration and customization capabilities without the custom tooling. MixMaster is a quick-to-market palette solution featuring a premium quality outer shell and a customizable paper insert. It is manufactured with high-quality materials ideal for cream to powder, baked powder, and pressed powder formulations. Engineered and designed to work with makeup for the beauty industry and can be fully customized to suit your brand’s needs. MixMaster is where agile meets premium.

Perfect for:

Eyeshadow, Concealer, Powder and Cream Balm

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Finer points

Explore the possibilities of extensive customization and decoration capabilities including paper textures, pan options, foils and finishes.


  • Product #W51797
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • Dimensions: 15.00 x 216.00 mm
    • Pan Well Dimensions: 47.10 x 47.10 x 6.80 mm (8)
  • Featuresmirror snap closure
  • MaterialsBase: ABS Cover: ABS Inner Cover: ABS Mirror: Glass Tray: ABS
  • Pan ShapeSquare Pan
  • # of Pans8-Pan
  • TypeRectangular Compact


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