W51867 Airless Bottle


Flaunt your formula and make a bold statement with this double-walled, airless design.

The rounded profile offers ample brand billboard space and a full range of decorating capabilities including silk-screening, hot stamping, custom color injection and vacuum metallization.

Perfect for:

Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Serum and Foundation

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  • Product #W51867
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 15ml: 38.40 x 104.90
    • 30ml: 38.40 x 136.00
    • 50ml: 38.40 x 161.70
  • Size15 ml 30 ml 50 ml
  • MaterialsInner Bottle: PP Outer Bottle: PETG Actuator Overshell: AL Actuator: PP Anti-Siphon Valve: LDPE Base: PP Collar Overshell: AL Collar: PP Gasket: Silicone Nozzle: PP Piston: LDPE Pump Collar: PP Pump Piston: LDPE Pump Rod: POM Retainer: PP
  • TypeAirless Bottle
  • Output level0.23ml


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