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Space Sift

Rethink powder packaging with patent-pending Space Sift. The space-saving, thin design not only maximizes gondolas and other merchandising areas, but also offers an entirely new, user-focused application experience. Space Sift is designed to dispense the precise amount of powder needed for use into the custom well, easily sift the excess back into the package and close the dispensing system into a locked position with its sliding unlock and lock feature to prevent product waste. The two sizes perfectly swirl formulas in their innovative well for a mess-free application. The future of powder packaging is here!

Perfect for:

Loose powder, loose pigments and more

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  • Product #W51896
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • small: 81.8mm x 47mm x 8.1
    • large: 101.8mm x 60mm x 9.03mm
  • MaterialPOM PETG
  • Powder SifterWith Powder Sifter
  • Volume3.0079 g 6.454 g
  • TypeJar
  • CollectionSpace Max


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