Fresh Airless Tubes

Gratifying design and sleek engineering are married to create a range of Airless Tubes unlike any currently on the market. By using the same pump engine technology as our airless bottles, Fusion’s Airless Tubes feature quicker strokes to prime, precision dosing, near 100% product evacuation, and a metal-free product path. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of an airless package in a less expensive format.

Perfect for:

Concealer, Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Serum

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Finer points

Designed with customization in mind, our Airless Tubes are available in four mix-and-match styles from our TRU, FRESH, POISE, and PURE collections. A variety of decoration techniques are available, including UV metallization and custom color.


  • Product #W51324
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 15ml: 25 x 70
    • 20ml: 25 x 80
    • 25ml: 25 x 90
    • 30ml: 25 x 100
    • 30ml: 30 x 83
    • 35ml: 25 x 110
    • 35ml: 35 x 90
    • 40ml: 25 x 120
    • 45ml: 30 x 106
    • 50ml (W #1): 25 x 140
    • 50ml (W #2): 30 x 113
    • 55ml: 30 x 121
    • 60ml: 30 x 129
    • 65ml: 30 x 137
    • 70ml: 30 x 145
  • Size15 ml 20 ml 25 ml 30 ml 35 ml 40 ml 45 ml 50 ml (W#2) 50 ml (W#1) 55 ml 60 ml 65 ml 70 ml
  • Output level0.15ml 0.23ml
  • MaterialLDPE PP
  • CollectionAirless Tubes Fresh Fresh Airless Tubes
  • TypeAirless tube

Setting standards to break them

You have a vision, we have the tools to bring your vision to life. With Fusion, the sky?s the limit ? and our custom capabilities are the proof. We are here to change the packaging world. Don?t you want to be a part of our movement?

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