Seeing double? No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Duet is the first ever linear, dual-ended airless-to-rollerball concept for skincare and cosmetics, offering portability and protection for double duty beauty formulas in one stylish package.

Perfect for:

Concealer, Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Serum

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Finer points

Contemporary and convenient for on-the-go, this mix-and-match multi-tasker is customizable with six dual-end component options from Fusion’s Eclipse, Fresh, and Lift airless and Single or Tri-Steel rollerball collections. Duet gives brands the power to pair more viscous lotions and creams with less viscous oils and serums in one sleek 8 ml/8 ml dual capacity bottle. For added filling convenience, Dual’s inner PET single or tri-steel rollerball component can be filled independently and easily snapped in. This thicker-walled PET bottle can accommodate lower viscosity oil formulas without risk of contaminating the pump end. The Fresh, Lift, or Eclipse airless pumps offer the benefits of airless engine dispensing, such as quicker strokes to prime, metered dosing, and a 100% metal-free product path. Double team your beauty regime with Duet, part of the Power Couple dual packaging collection, which also includes The Hook Up.


  • Product #W51407, W51408, W51409, W51410, W51411, W51412
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 19 x 179
  • Size8 ml
  • Output level0.09ml
  • MaterialPET PP
  • CollectionThe Power Couples
  • TypeAirless Bottle

Setting standards to break them

You have a vision, we have the tools to bring your vision to life. With Fusion, the sky?s the limit ? and our custom capabilities are the proof. We are here to change the packaging world. Don?t you want to be a part of our movement?

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The Power Couples

Contemporary. Convenient. Versatile. Get hooked on Fusion’s mix-and-match, multi-tasking dual connector collection. The Power Couples collection combines complementary or multi-step formulas in one travel-friendly linear package.

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