Two-in-one versatility means endless possibilities. Introducing Hybrid — built for brand formulation flexibility with innovative design. Part of the Power Couples collection, this packaging duo allows for a cream product in the airtight jar base to be paired with a potent powder formulation. The lower jar portion is designed for more viscous lotions or masks to be dispensed into the jar well with the option to be mixed with the powder formula. The top powder jar gives brands the ability to keep powerful powder ingredients separate. Users can “boost” the base cream product with the powder actives on demand to create a customized experience with each use.

Perfect for:

Concealer, Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Powder, Serum

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Finer points

Cleverly housed together, Hybrid's two-step design is made of all polypropylene for excellent product compatibility. The top powder jar is accompanied by a powder twist cap which is lined by a silicone seal. The lower jar is controlled by pushing up from the base button for one-way product flow. This reduces the possibility of contamination that can occur with dipping into traditional jars while creating a more hygienic product experience for the end user. If desired, brands can opt to upgrade the jar well with an antimicrobial additive during the molding process.


  • Product #W51453
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 15ml: 41 x 90
    • 30ml: 41 x 90
  • Size15 ml 30 ml
  • Output levelUser Controlled
  • MaterialPP
  • CollectionThe Power Couples
  • TypeAirless Jar

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