Pure Jar

The Pure Jar combines the prestige of a jar with the protection of an airless dispensing system in a lightweight, user-controlled package. Its simple engineless design allows the consumer to control their preferred dosage by pushing up from the base button for one-way product flow. This reduces the possibility of contamination that can occur with dipping into traditional jars while creating a more hygienic product experience for the end user. Brand formulas are protected from outside contaminants to ensure ingredients stay potent and effective through the entire product life cycle.

Perfect for:

Concealer, Cream, Lotion, Moisturizer, Serum

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Finer points

The Pure Jar has a singular advantage for users: its ascending base button offers a unique indicator system to alert the user when it is time to replenish. The Pure Jar’s threaded, SmartSeal closure keeps formulas even further secured from contaminants by preventing outside air from entering the chamber. Ideal for moisturizers, sunscreens, foundations, masks and serums, the Pure Jar can be customized with a variety of decoration options. Simple. Clean. Airless. The Pure Jar has great brand-building potential that complements Fusion’s Pure Airless Bottle and Pure Airless Tube collections.


  • Product #W51362
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 30ml: 41 x 75
  • Size30 ml
  • Output levelUser Controlled
  • MaterialAvailable in PCR PP
  • CollectionPure
  • TypeAirless Jar

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Simple. Functional. Airless. Pure is a clean, contemporary collection with an instantly recognizable curved actuator. This all-polypropylene (PP) collection is highly compatible with most formulations and lives up to its name due to its proven airless dispensing system, which offers quicker pumps to prime, metered dosing, and a metal-free product path to uphold the integrity of the formula.

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