Brush Tip Applicator

This synthetic bristle precision brush applicator aids in the gentle and targeted dispensing of a broad range of products – from concealers and highlighters to nail treatments and lipgloss.

Perfect for:

Cream, Concealer, Lotion, Moisturizer, Serum

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Finer points

This applicator style is also available as part of Fusion’s metallic Shine FX Direct Effect direct applicator laminate tube collection.


  • Product #W51329
  • Available Sizes (mm)
    • 5ml: 16 x 55
    • 8ml: 16 x 73
    • 10ml: 16 x 85
    • 10ml: 19 x 62
    • 12ml: 19 x 70
    • 12ml: 16 x 97
    • 15ml: 19 x 82
    • 15ml: 16 x 115
    • 17ml: 19 x 90
    • 20ml: 19 x 102
  • Size5 ml 8 ml 10 ml 12 ml 15 ml 17 ml 20 ml
  • MaterialPP
  • CollectionPro-Tip Series
  • TypeDirect Applicator

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